iPod Unplugged: Psalm 24

So far in our iPod Unplugged series we've at why we sing the songs that we sing, and why we walk through a Liturgy each week. Both of these answers have the same foundation: We're about the whole story of Jesus, the Gospel, and we know that we all need to continue to hear that story alone every week we gather.

We've made it fairly implicit, then, that Jesus is in the Psalms.

But this - the Gospel on every page of the Bible - is so important that we want not only to imply that Jesus is in the Psalm, and everywhere else in both the Old and New Testaments. 

We need to make it explicit that Jesus is in the Psalms.

This week we dive into Psalm 24 and see that because the Psalms focus on the Kingdom, the Cross, and grace, therefore Jesus is clearly in the Psalms.