Wanted: David, for Robbing Jesus's Glory

David is a great hero of our faith. He was a good King. But he is not the True King. David, as we see in I Samuel 20 was a liar with a lyre, a king who ran to hide instead of preside, an unclean sinner with the consequence of sin deserving death. 

But in David's place, and ours, is a True King. A King who was sinless yet died. A King who will preside over the great and final feast, a King who is no liar, neither a lunatic, but truly the Lord.

We have mis-taught David. We've looked up to him in ways that have an outcome in the ugly false gospel of moralism. And moralism results in only one of two things: the guilt that our behavior can never measure up or the deception that we have. But God is not satisfied in our behavior, neither was He in David's. God is satisfied with us in Christ. To Him be all the glory, alone.