I Corinthians 12 - Spiritual Gifts: Varieties of Service

Shepherds - those who are gifts for the church - talk like Jesus, serve like Jesus, and die like Jesus so that they can - with the church - make much of Jesus.

What we learn from week 2 - of 3 - of our in depth look into all of the Spiritual Gifts in the Bible is that Jesus has given shepherds to His church. This second category from I Corinthians 12.4 - varieteis of service - are made up of gifts that Paul details in the last few verses of this same chapter as well as Ephesians 4. What's unique about these gifts from all of the others is that the service gifts are really "offices." So, while Jesus has given gifts to people in the church, He has also given people who are gifts to the church. These shepherds are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

Jamie Page