Every week, more help is needed.

We have needs for our worship gatherings: Scripture readers, greeters, Children's worship leaders, and nursery care volunteers. (To sign up for these roles, and more, we use a nifty scheduling system called Planning Center Online).

We have needs throughout the week: meals for families, building maintenance, mentoring.

We have needs for special events: serving in our neighborhood or at local charities.

Volunteering is essential for people for helping others to know Jesus. And if you're a member of The Church in DeKalb volunteering is your being a part of the local body of Christ.

To get connected to volunteering at The Church in DeKalb use the CONTACT link and select Volunteer.



Internships at The Church in DeKalb are one-year, gritty, get your hands dirty ministry opportunities where there is no better way to learn and be shaped to be a Gospel-centered church leader than by - well - doing ministry.

Current Internships:

Church Planting Intern

Worship Ministry Intern

We also offer Practice Church, that meets the first Sunday Evening of each month.

For information and to apply for internships at The Church in DeKalb use the CONTACT link and select Internships.



CATAN Spiritual Formation Class:

The CATAN (Christianity as Theology and Nurturing) class is a three month course intended to prepare Christians to live the new life that we receive through the Gospel and to shape us to be mature members of the Church (Colossians 1.28). In this class we will explore:

The Gospel - the Island

Spiritual Disciplines and Spiritual Vitality - how to breath, eat, and grow

Biblical Hermeneutics - learning to feed ourselves

Introduction to Systematic Theology - building shelter on the solid ground of the Gospel

The CATAN class has been developed for all Christians. For new believers who are looking to get a foothold on their new life. For older Christians who never received the solid spiritual formation that is so vital to healthy Christian living. For the mature Christian who desires more practice and development in their knowledge of the Gospel, spiritual vitality, bible study, and doctrine. Or, as an early step for the Christian who may even be called to ministry, the CATAN class, coupled with the Discovery and Development Course can serve as an internship program to serve in lieu of seminary or to complement previous seminary training.

Download the CATAN Syllabus by clicking this link.

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Discovery & Development Course:

Our hope then, is that advancing members of the CATAN class will move into, potentially, our Discovery & Development Course which will prepare them for ministry as Community Group teachers and leaders, deacons, and maybe even as elders. Over six months the Discovery & Development Class robustly examines:

The Gospel

Christian Ministry and Leadership

Systematic Theology

Deacon and Mercy Ministry

Christ-Centered Expository Preaching