God and Gospel

The Gospel (the true story of the perfect life, substitutionary death, burial, resurrection, and reign of Jesus) is the power of God for salvation (Justification: As if I've never sinned/as if I've always obeyed. Sanctification: Transforming me to be used by God. Adoption: New family. New Father. Redemption: Brought into a right and real relationship with God. Glorification: I will be made never-ending new).  

This is what we believe and everything we believe comes from this.


What do you believe? 

Some people don't believe in anything. Well, that's just silly. Even more so considering that you searched Google or Bing and eventually found your way to this page. If you didn't believe in anything you wouldn't have searched for anything. 

Some people believe in working hard, doing your best, and being a good person. Look: That's crushing. Grinding. Exhausting... It's also radically condescending. God's standards majestically transcend ours. And, His is perfection.

That's why we believe the Gospel. 


Listen again: 

- Jesus's perfect life... It's about His perfection not ours.  (Matthew 5.17).

- Jesus's substitutionary death... It isn't only His willingness to take all of our personal sin and guilt. It's also His willingness to credit His perfection to us (Colossians 1.22).

- Jesus's resurrection and reign... And so, it's never our power. But, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead - the proof of our sins being fully paid - is the same that empowers us to be changed into Christ's likeness. (Romans 8.11). 

So, what do you believe? If you need the refreshment of hearing the Gospel again and again come visit us as soon as you can. If you still have questions about God and the Gospel; give us a call, send us an email, or ... ... ... come visit us as soon as you can.