Weekend Gatherings

Weekend Gatherings are our opportunity to reflect on New Life through the Gospel and an opportunity to worship God as the Gospel has reconciled us to our Creator.


Worship Gathering Times: 

Sunday mornings at 10:00am

We gather every weekend at 1600 East Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, IL. 


Children's Worship

Every Sunday morning, we provide a Children’s Worship Gathering as well as Nursery. We offer a check-in/check-out service for convenience and safety.
The Nursery serves parents with children Newborn to 18 months for the entire duration of our worship gathering.

Children’s Worship

Parents can drop off their 18-month-olds to 3-year-olds in their downstairs classroom. Where they will learn about the Gospel on a level that is intended to help them get to know Jesus. They will have the opportunity to play and sing also. Each child will leave with a parent sheet and coloring page or craft. Parents are encouraged to review the lessons with their child(ren) during the week as the lessons build upon each other. Snacks are provided.


4-7 year olds will sit with their parents/guardians during the liturgy until sermon begins to which they are encouraged to go down to their downstairs classroom with their teachers. During their time of worship they will be learning from a curriculum that is helping the kids understand the gospel and do a craft to help them remember their time. Each child will leave with a parent discussion sheet, memory verse, craft or coloring page that you can review with them during the week and help prepare them for the following week, as the lessons build on each other.


What to Expect

Our gatherings are focused on key facets of worship: Revelation, Adoration, Confession, Expiation (Forgiveness), Proclamation, Dedication, Supplication, and Commission.

What to Bring

Yourself, a friend, and a Bible. The Church in DeKalb uses the English Standard Version for preaching and teaching. Free copies of the ESV are available in the pews of every service.