We must believe the promises of God

This is the first of three application posts following Sunday's Sermon from our Laugh Series.

We Must Believe The Promises of God - Part One.
We Must Apply The Promises of God - Part Two.
We Must Pray The Promises of God - Part Three.

He laughed. She laughed. They named the kid God promised them “Laugh.” Eventually they learned that God really does keep all of His promises, most importantly, in the perfect way – not that they would only have a promised son but that another Promised Son would be given, the fulfillment of all of God’s promises

All the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory. (II Corinthians 1.20).

We laugh like Abraham and Sarah too...after we cry, or rage, or accomplish whatever our personal defense mechanism against the hard days of the world are. We laugh and turn up our hands saying, “Whatever God. LOL. I’m about to give up anyways so why don’t you go ahead and see what you can do.” And then, God does. And we laugh again; “Why do I have such a hard time ever believing you, God!? You always do come through. And it’s always right.”

This past week I spent some time reading a book that unpacks some writings on the promises of God from several Puritans because, like you, I want to believe and live in God’s promises too. Over the next three days I’ll unpack what they unpacked so that we can all be much better at not only taking God at His word, but also enjoying Him daily.

Let these three quick posts be some application for this past Sunday’s sermon:

Puritans Andrew Gray, Edward Leigh, and William Spurstowe (along with authors Joel Beeke and James La Belle) agree...

We must believe the promises of God:

“Few of us really believe [the promises of God], and few of us can testify about a time when the promises sweetened our bitter afflictions, confirmed our weak and faltering faith under trial, compelled us to duty in the face of adversity, or provided us with unexplainable contentment in a time of disruption and upheaval... We know God’s promises are true and are given to us, but so often we fail in the elementary step of believing what God has promised, and therefore we fail to enjoy their fruits.”

I think the authors of this book are right. If they were not right, then how come last week when we asked the church for stories of believing God’s promises that led to laughter, hardly anyone replied with a story!

If we’re going to enjoy the promises of God we have to start making our first response believing the promise of God. Sure, you believe the promises but do you hug the promises? “Faith is not mere assent but an embracing faith by which we cleave to the promises; it is a faith that welcomes the promises, clasps them, embraces them, and kisses them.” Now maybe that sounds kinda gross. But if you knew the promises of God and how all of them are yours in Jesus, then you would be kissing away!

Today ask yourself this question: What else am I believing? Look, your joy is temporary, because it isn’t always setup on God’s promises. And your frustration seems never-ending because, likewise, instead of believing God’s promises you believe lies and all sorts of other crazy talk. What else are you believing? And in that things place give one of God’s promises a big sloppy kiss.