Network of Nations

Network of Nations is a local nonprofit that does outreach to international students. The goal is build bridges into the church. The Church in DeKalb provides food once each semester for the Intercultural Cafe, which feeds international students on a weekly basis. Our building also hosts "Spouse Group," which is a group for wives of students, as well as several enthusiastic toddlers.

For more information, please check out the website or email  and we will help you get in touch with Stephanie Dawkins, who would be happy to share more information on how you can be involved.


Black Sheep Harley Davidson for Christ Ministry

We have members both inside and outside our congregation that have been trained to share the gospel with Harley-Davidson Owners Group (H.O.G) within a ministry called Black Sheep Harley-Davidson for Christ Ministry. Those called to this ministry own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and regularly meet with the members of H.O.G. to build relationships and ultimately share the gospel and serve those members. 

To learn more please email: or visit